Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tour de Cine Frances

The French Film Tour is a traveling festival that presents the best selection of contemporary French films in original version with subtitles around Mexico and Central America, before its commercial release. It also includes the presentation of short films produced by IMCINE Mexicans in the last year.

Tour de Cine Frances

Mexican short films list in English:
•Under the sun , Arcadi Palerm
•Clarissa , Victor Audiffred
•When awake , of Del Arenal Yoame Escamilla
•Defective , Gabriela Garza and Jon Fernández Martínez López
•Inside one of Salvador Aguirre
•Any Given Sunday , Claudia de la Cabada
•The wound of Lucretia , Sabrina Maldonado
•Huellita of Ehécatl Garcia
•Ismael , of Sebastian Hofmann
•The jazz , Andres Peralta
•Lucy vs. limits of voice , Monica Herrera
•The wheel , Karla Castañeda
•One eye , Lorenza Manrique
•Fifteen years , Liliana Torres
•Shui , Barbara Balsategui
•He dreams of Ana Zamboni
•Tintico evenings , Alejandro Garcia Caballero
•The Tiricia or how to cure sadness of Cruz Angeles
•The last board of Jansen Itandehui

In Spanish
•Bajo el sol, de Arcadi Palerm
•Clarissa, de Víctor Audiffred
•Cuando despierte, de Yoame Escamilla Del Arenal
•Defectuosos, de Gabriela Martínez Garza y Jon Fernández López
•Dentro de uno, de Salvador Aguirre
•Un domingo cualquiera, de Claudia de la Cabada
•La herida de Lucrecia, de Sabrina Maldonado
•Huellita, de Ehécatl García
•Ismael, de Sebastián Hofmann
•El jazz, de Andrés Peralta
•Lucy vs. los límites de la voz, de Mónica Herrera
•La noria, de Karla Castañeda
•Un ojo, de Lorenza Manrique
•Quince años, de Liliana Torres
•Shui, de Bárbara Balsategui
•Sueña, de Ana Zamboni
•Las tardes de Tintico, de Alejandro García Caballero
•La tiricia o cómo curar la tristeza, de Ángeles Cruz
•El último consejo, de Itandehui Jansen
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Mexico Cine & Video Clips

These are mostly movies I have collected over the years. Many bought thru Amazon, some copied from television to VHS and lately downloaded with a Torrent client.

Many descriptions are from Amazon and reviews are from IMDb

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